Authors can submit articles for publication in the Conference, indexed in the RSCI database (included in the participant’s standard package) or in the AKUSTIKA journal, indexed in the Scopus database (you can find the publication cost in the table Cоst of Participation/Publication). It is also possible to submit 2 different articles for two abovementioned publications.

1.Proceedings Collection of the 7th All-Russian Research to Practice Conference with International Participation ‘Protection against excessive noise and vibration’ (RSCI).

Abstracts are admitted before 15th January, 2019

Articles for publication are admitted before 25th February, 2019

Requirements for publication

1. Articles must be formalized in accordance with the Example.

2.The minimum number of pages of the report is four. The text of the report should not exceed 20 pages, including the title, abstract and list of references.

3.The text of the report is presented in an editable format (MS Word editor is recommended, the file format is ‘title.doc’ or ‘title.docx’), the style is ‘Normal’, the font is Times New Roman, the font size (type size) for the main text of the report is 12, line spacing – single, justified paragraph alignment, paragraph indent (‘red line’) 1.5 cm. Left page margin is 30 mm, right – 20 mm.

4.Maximum number of authors – 3.

5.The average number of bibliographic references is up to 15.

6.The cited literature should be given not in the form of footnotes, but as a general list at the end of the article, indicating the reference in the text of the article by an ordinal number in square brackets (for example, [4]). List of References is written in bold font of 12 points at the end of the article text after a blank line. Next, bibliographic references are listed using simple numbering after a blank line in a normal font of 12 points. The references are given in the order mentioned in the article. The literary source format is according to GOST 7.1-2003. ‘Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description’ or according to the given samples.

7.When writing an article, it is recommended to use the materials of the Noise Theory and Practice journal and add appropriate footnotes and references to the text and list of references of the article.

8.Using abbreviations is allowed, but they must be expanded at the first mention.

9. It is necessary to specify the International Classification Codes (OECD), Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) .



2.Journal AKUSTIKA (Czech Republic), indexed in SCOPUS.

Articles are admitted in English only.

The maximum number of authors is 3.

Articles admission is until 15th January, 2019

Send the articles in digital form by email:     and

The conference program contains breakout sessions on topics of reports sent by participants.

Section report presentation time – 15 minutes.

Sample presentation design.

For 2 exhibitors: