I love thee, city of Peter's making

         The cultural capital of Russia, Venice of the North, Palmyra of the North, the brainchild of Peter, city on the Neva, city of white nights- in whatever manner Saint Petersburg is called! This city is truly special, and once you have got into it, you feel its greatness, pride and austerity. It is no coincidence that the center of St. Petersburg and related architectural monuments are included in the UNESCO world heritage list. In different periods of time in the city on the Neva river there were large-scale events that have become crucial not only for Russia but also throughout Europe: the victories of Peter the Great, the Golden age of the Empire, the Silver age of Russian poetry, the October revolution, the heroic defense of Leningrad – all that is remembered by the granite of the Neva’s banks.

          It is impossible to describe all the sights of St. Petersburg.  Here you can see everything from palaces to manors and parks. The appearance of St. Petersburg includes architectural ensembles, squares, embankments, sculptures. Winter Palace and Palace square, the General Staff building and Stroganov Palace, Peter and Paul fortress, from which the history of the city began, Kazan, St. Isaac’s and Smolny cathedrals, Admiralty. A lot of unique buildings are perfectly preserved, allowing you to see the work of famous architects in all its glory. Together with residential buildings, the number of preserved pre-revolutionary buildings reaches 8 thousand. There are more than 200 museums in the city.

    The most  famous of them is the Hermitage, which houses about three million works of art and monuments of world culture.  The collection includes items from the stone age to the present.
      The Museum is located in five main buildings on the Palace embankment, connected with each other and forming a single Museum complex. 

        However, many streets, avenues and embankments have their own history. The canals and bridges of the city, the number of which is very large, are worth special attention. That is why the city on the Neva river is sometimes called ‘Venice of the North’.  That is why exploring the city from the water is the most interesting activity; for this purpose there are pleasure cabin boats, ships and plenty of other boats. At the same time, many bridges are raised for the night or for the passage of ships. Despite the fact that the city itself is almost on the water, there are many beautiful fountains and ponds, the most famous are the fountains of Peterhof.

       City gardens and parks also attract attention. There are quite a few young recreation parks, and the history of some is as rich as the history of other important places in the city. For example, the Summer garden was created by Peter the Great himself, and other monarchs created not just pieces of landscape, but works of gardening and landscape art.

       ‘The Bronze horseman’ by E. M. Falcone, F.G. Gordeeva and Y.M.Felten, which was opened on 7th August 1782 in honor of Peter the Great as the founder of the city,  can be considered as one of the most famous monuments. Famous sculptors decorated the city with amazing monuments to the great people of St. Petersburg and the whole of Russia, as well as dedicated to significant events.

        The city has more than a hundred theaters. The first theater was created by Natalia Alekseevna,  sister of Peter the Great, near her Palace. In 1785, the Hermitage theatre was opened in the Winter Palace, the building of which is the oldest preserved theatre in the city. The birth of the Russian professional theater is associated with the foundation of the Alexandrinsky theater, and the building for it was built by K. Rossi himself. Mariinsky theatre is now considered to be the main among all Russian institutions. In addition, the Academic Opera and ballet theatre and the Bolshoi drama theatre named after Tovstonogov, State academic chapel and not only are world-famous.

Cultural Programme

Sightseeing Bus tour of Saint Petersburg

    We invite you to a sightseeing tour of St. Petersburg in the evening on a panoramic bus accompanied by a professional guide!     

     Bus tour of the city will introduce you to more than three hundred years of history of the Northern capital. You will admire the panorama of the Neva river, see the beautiful ensembles of the Central city squares and the famous St. Petersburg places. During the sightseeing tour of St. Petersburg, you will get a great opportunity to get acquainted with the historical center of the city, to see the most famous squares of the city, to drive along Nevsky Prospekt and other Central streets of the city, to learn from the guide a lot of exciting details from the life of famous Petersburgers, representatives of different eras, including talented artists, and generals, and royalty, and literary characters.     

   The tour includes the main attractions of the city: architectural monuments of different eras and styles, beautiful embankments, majestic palaces, cathedrals and unique bridges.

     Tour time – 3 hours



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